• Residential/Commercial
  • Monthly/EOM/Quaterly
  • General Pest 
  • Scorpions Control
  • Night Owl Program (scorpion solution at night)
  • Rats/Mice
  • ​Bees
  • *Bats/Snakes
  • *Termites
  • *Weeds
  • More...​​ ​


*Service(s) are sub-contracted. Sub             contractors are top in their field. With positive ratings/reviews from their customers. They are representing Alert Pest Control so we made sure we did our research on who we chose. Apostles 19:25

​​Night Owl Program

Scorpions are nocturnal, so why not allow Alert Pest Control ​to pay them a visit when they're most vulnerable?!

  • Night Time Service
  • Black Light and Capture Along Property of Residence 
  • Power Spray Exterior Perimeter and Fence Line
  • Dusting of Exterior Perimeter and Fence Line With Exacticide Technology

​​​Providing Natural Pest Solutions So You Can Breathe Easy 

Vigorous Initial Service

​One of the most intensive pest control treatments on the market!

  • Exterior Air-Gap Barrier
  • Exterior Perimeter of Residence
  • Fence/Property Line
  • Granulation of Moisture Points
  • Exterior Windows
  • Web Removal
  • Irrigation/Water Box
  • Dust Cracks and Crevices of Wall (With Exacticide Technology!)

What Is Exacticide?

The Exacticide Insecticide Power Duster is a multifaceted pest eradication tool for the targeted and controlled application of pesticide dusts and granules. Designed to statically charge the dust to allow us to properly dust wall voids, cracks, and crevices thoroughly.