​​​Providing Natural Pest Solutions So You Can Breathe Easy 

"Jason has been our "bug guy" for many years and he's great. A man of integrity, always on time with a text reminder each month, prices that are very fair and does a FANTASTIC job. Look no further if you have a bug problem."

J. Bethel

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a pest control company. So why chooseAlert Pest Control

Alert Pest Control is owner operated with no middle man and less overhead than the companies you see on tv or hear on the radio. Which means the savings trickle down to you, the customer. Alert Pest Control has the same options when it comes to technology and pesticides. Many think that smaller companies offer less of a product than what the bigger companies can offer. Which is untrue. All pest control companies can purchase the same products and Alert Pest Control has purchased those products. 

Alert Pest Control offers the "Ma & Pa" small business feeling but with 5 Star Quality!

Alert Pest Control offers Natural pest solutions as well as top of the line Traditional pest solutions. 

Alert Pest Control is knowledgeable, honest, reliable and reasonable.      

Proverbs 16:8  

​Why Choose Alert Pest Control?